Flow-injection block BPI-03 is designed to create liquid flows and automatic re-switching of liquid lines.

BPI-03 can be used in various dosing, mixing and sequential liquid supply systems, for example, in systems for dynamic concentration, dilution and chemical modification of liquid samples when performing spectral (elemental) analysis.

Flow-injection block BPI-03 complete with atomic absorption spectrometer type KVANT-2m , KVANT-2AT , KVANT -2A , KVANT.Z , KVANT.Z1 can be widely used in analytical laboratories of environmental control, certification and food quality control, drinking water, in agrochemical research laboratories, as well as in other laboratories that carry out the analysis of heavy metals.

The flow-injection block provides an increase in the reliability of the analysis results due to the release of matrix components of a complex sample and an increase in sensitivity for a number of heavy metals (Au, Cd, Co, Cu, Mn, Ni, Pb, Pd, Pt, Zn) by 10 – 20 times per every minute of concentration. Works in automatic mode with AAS “KVANT” software. The transition from the conventional flame atomic absorption method to the flow-injection method does not require additional tuning procedures and takes a few seconds.