Atomic absorption spectrometer with electrothermal atomization Kvant.Z1

Electrothermal sample atomization in a rapidly heated graphite tubular cuvette, with spectral noise correction based on the use of the inverse Zeeman effect.

Designed for the quantitative determination of elements in liquid samples of various origins and compositions at the level of fractions of ng/l (ppt.)

Main applications:

  • control of environmental objects (water, air);
  • control of food products and food raw materials;
  • sanitary and hygienic researches;
  • biotechnology;
  • medicine and scientific research.

Rapid heating of the graphite cell provides time separation of the processes of atomization and removal of atomic vapor from the analytical volume. As a result, the signal amplitude depends only on the amount of the element in the sample, but does not depend on the matrix components and transfer parameters. The furnace heating program lasts 20-30 s (evaporation – 10 s, pyrolysis – 5-10 s, atomization – 1 s, cleaning – 2 s), which is close to the performance of flame atomic absorption spectrometry.

Spectral interference correction

To correct spectral noise (background signal attenuation), the atomizer is placed in an alternating magnetic field created by an electromagnet. The implemented data processing algorithm ensures the independence of the calculated analytical signal from the intensity drifts of the radiation source and the sensitivity of the photodetector, which is no worse than in two-beam optical schemes. The resulting analytical signal is independent of background attenuation and other spectral noise.

The spectrometer is equipped with a local cooling system.

The delivery set of an atomic absorption spectrometer must include:

computer and software for instrument control and measurement results processing;

Specifications Kvant.Z1


Spectral interference correction inverse Zeeman effect with two-channel measurement algorithm
Radiation sources spectral lamps with a hollow cathode type LT-6M
Lamp power pulsed, synchronized with the correction magnetic field
Lamp change lamp replacement is done manually
Spectral range, nm from 185 to 1100
Optical density measurement range, B from 0 to 3
Duration of one element definition, s 30
Optical system
Monochromator automatic, with holographic diffraction grating
Photo receiver low noise photomultiplier with high sensitivity
graphite cuvette with pyrolytic coating
Cuvette heating rate, °С/s 10 000
Shielding gas argon
Argon consumption, l/min no more than 0.5
Sample consumption per measurement, µl from 5 to 25
Overall dimensions, mm 860 x 455 x 210
Weight, kg 67