Atomic absorption spectrometer with flame atomization Kvant-2m

High Performance Elemental Analysis

The spectrometer is designed for quantitative determination of metal impurities in liquid samples of various origin and composition by atomic absorption and emission spectra.

Areas of use

  • Control of environmental objects (water, air, soil)
  • Analysis of food products and raw materials for their production
  • Agrochemistry
  • Medicine and pharmacology
  • Geology and Geochemistry
  • Chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical and other industries
  • Scientific research

Composition and capabilities

  • Flame sample atomization
  • Definition of 70 chemical elements
  • Absorption and emission
  • Limits of detection from 0.05 µg/l
  • Electrical and pneumatic components from world leading companies
  • Optical elements made of high quality materials
  • Automatic monochromator

The delivery set of an atomic absorption spectrometer must include:

1) computer and software for instrument control and processing of measurement results;

2) the compressor is oil-free.


Spectral range
Lower limit of the range, nm 185
Upper limit of the range, nm 860
Pitch of the spectral interval, nm 0,5
Optical density reading range, B (e.o.p.) from 0 to 3
Background correction Deuterium corrector with a speed of 1.3 ms
Implemented methods of analysis Atomic absorption
Atomic emission
Ability to work with flames Propane – air
Acetylene – air
Acetylene – nitrous oxide
Flame Atomizer Automatic flame selection
Automatic burner height adjustment
Chemically resistant construction materials that allow working with organic solvents
Efficiency of formation of aerosols of aqueous solutions up to 24%
Spray Variable sample flow from 3 to 6 ml/min
Sample consumption, ml/meas. Not more than 0.5
gas distribution block Automatic setting of gas flow
rates Automatic ignition and extinguishing of the flame
Gas preparation unit Block of filters and pressure stabilizers for purification and reduction of gases used in the operation of the spectrometer
Performance Up to 60 element definitions per hour
Power supply Single phase AC (110 – 264V, 47 – 63Hz, 125W)
Overall dimensions, mm 560 x 560 x 455
Weight, kg 39