Atomic absorption spectrometer with electrothermal atomization MGA-915MD

Electrothermal atomization of a sample in a heated graphite tubular cell with a Lvov platform , with correction of non-selective spectral noise based on the use of the Zeeman effect.

Designed to measure the content of elements in a wide range of objects. This device has the highest efficiency in the analysis of samples with a complex matrix composition: sea water, blood, urine. Direct analysis of samples without prior preparation is possible.

Main applications:

  • environmental control: measurement of the content of elements in water, soil, bottom sediments, atmospheric air, as well as tissues of plant and animal origin;
  • medicine and veterinary laboratories : analysis of tissues and fluids of biological origin (blood, urine, hair, animal products, etc.)
  • controlling and certifying laboratories : analysis of food and feed, analysis of waste, natural, drinking water and air;
  • quality control of alcoholic products : the content of a wide range of elements in alcoholic beverages and the determination of authenticity;
  • forensics : identification of impurities and trace elements.

It is also used in geological exploration, metallurgical industry, scientific research.

The basic equipment of the MGA-915MD includes:

  • automatic monochromator;
  • automatically adjusted six-lamp turret;
  • local cooling system.

The spectrometers can be equipped with an autosampler and a RGP-915 mercury-hydride attachment for the analysis of mercury and hydride-forming elements.

Hollow cathode lamps and high-intensity electrodeless discharge lamps are used as light sources.

Spectral interference correction

High selectivity is associated with the use of Zeeman modulation polarization spectrometry. This correction of non-selective absorption (background signal attenuation) is recognized throughout the world as a “reference method” for the determination of small contents of elements in samples of complex composition.

Specifications MGA-915MD

Spectral interference correction Zeeman effect
Radiation sources hollow cathode spectral lamps,

spectral high-frequency lamps (electrodeless)

Lamp change automatic, lamps are installed in the turret
Spectral range, nm from 190 to 800
Spectral resolution, nm. 2
Limit of detection of manganese, pg, no more 3
Nickel detection limit, pg, max 20
Sample submission built-in autosampler or manual dispensing
Monochromator auto
graphite cuvette with Lvov platform, pyrolytic coating
Shielding gas argon
Argon consumption, l/min, no more than 1.0
Power consumed by the spectrometer in the modes of atomization and purification, kV*A, not more than: 18
Overall dimensions, mm 800 x 570 x 390
Weight, kg 75