The most time-consuming and lengthy stage is the stage of wet ashing, which results in complete “burning” of the sample in sulfuric acid.
The rate of ashing and destruction of the sample largely depends on the processing temperature, the higher it is, the less time it takes to decompose. Also, the addition of a catalyst can increase the rate of ashing. Wet Ashing Furnace is a semi-automatic Kjeldahl decomposition plant that performs sample preparation (combustion of the sample in acid in the presence of a catalyst at high temperature).

Included :
• digester (heating block);
• a set of heat-resistant test tubes 45 mm in diameter (it is recommended to order an additional set of test tubes);
• water jet pump;
• documentation “Method of work”.

Attention! The scrubber is not included in the digester kit and must be purchased separately!

• High operating temperature (up to 450°C) and low heating inertia can significantly reduce the burning time;
• Ability to set up to 10 heating stages (temperature and duration) allows you to choose the best combustion option for different types of products;
• 10 programs allow you to set up and save in memory temperature conditions for various products;
• The oven is equipped with microprocessor control and LCD screen for pre-installation of programs and tracking the progress of each stage in the process of work;
• A transparent protective screen will protect personnel in case of emergency and will allow visual control over the combustion process;
• Test tubes from high-quality heat-resistant glass provide the high level of safety;
• Option: automatic lift for raising and lowering the rack with flasks, will minimize the time of staff busy (on special order).

Attention! For your convenience, the scope of delivery includes a “Working Method” with recommended temperature and burning time settings for various types of products!


Work mode semi-automatic
Number of seats 4
Maximum temperature 450 °C
Working time, ashing time 40 – 300 min.
Tube size 250 ml (diameter 45 mm; height 300 mm)
Power consumption 1800 W
Food 220 V
dimensions 410*420*400mm
The weight no more than 12 kg

Warranty – 1 year