To determine ammonium nitrogen, it is converted into a more accessible form (by adding alkali) and distilled off with steam in a special device – a distiller .

Designed for distillation of a sample with water vapor after decomposition by the Kjeldahl method. The device allows not only to significantly speed up the analysis itself, but also to increase the reproducibility of the results obtained.

• Automatic steam preparation;
• Automatic regulation of water supply for cooling;
• Semi-automatic supply of alkali;
• Ease of handling and maintenance.

• distiller;
• heat-resistant test tube (diameter 45 mm);
• conical flask for titration, 250 ml.

Specifications :

Operating time, distillation time 5-15 min.
Water consumption for cooling 3 liters per minute
Power consumption no more than 1300 W
Food 220 V
dimensions 680*410*300mm
The weight no more than 15 kg

Warranty – 1 year