Scales Ohaus AV264
Adventurer Pro – analytical balances for everyday work. With a set of the most common features and a wide range of optional equipment, Adventurer Pro is able to adapt to the specific needs of the enterprise. They can count, add, store and transfer results for further analysis.

Key Features
• External or internal InCalTM calibration;
• RS232 interface;
• SmarText – special software – your assistant in working with scales;
• frameless protective casing for free access to the weighing pan;
• hook for weighing under the scales.

• selection of environmental conditions;
• dynamic weighing;
• piece count;
• weighting in percent;
• checking the weight of the sample relative to the predetermined one;
• summing up the results;
• various units of measurement;
• protocol of measurements in accordance with GLP standards;
• food from batteries or from a network;
• two-line display.

Scales are certified in Russia and other CIS countries.


NPV, Mr 260
Division value D, mg 0,1
Class I
Additional weight units g, mg, kg, ounce, pound, carat, troy ounce, pennyweight, grain, N, tola, tile, mom, messgal
Calibration manual
Weight for calibration E2 200г
Platform, mm Ø 90
Display options
Display type Backlit LCD
Software and communication channels
Interface RS-232
Power supply
Adapter Yes
Operating conditions
Lower limit of operating temperature range, °C 10
Upper limit of operating temperature range, °C 40
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 220x305x300
Product weight, kg 7
Scale functions
bottom hook
Standard RS-232C interface
Counting mode
Percentage weighing
GLP standard
Summation of results