Electric distiller (water distiller) DE is used to obtain distilled water and is used in laboratories of various organizations.

The water distiller DE-25 consists of a distiller and a control panel.
External surfaces of DE-25 are resistant to 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, as well as to 1% chloramine solution.


The quality of the water produced by the distiller is in accordance with the requirements of article FS 42-2619-97 of the State Pharmacopoeia of the XI edition by thermal distillation of water that meets the requirements of San. Pin2.1.4.559-96.


The water distiller is used in medical institutions, as well as for the purification of drinking water from radionuclides in emergency situations and the use of distillate for drinking purposes after its mineralization (p. 8.13) in other institutions.


The water distiller is made for climatic modifications UHL 4.2 in accordance with GOST 15150.
The water distiller of climatic modification UHL4.2 during operation is resistant to temperatures from plus 10 to plus 35°C and relative humidity of the ambient air of 80% at a temperature of 25°C.



  • Productivity, l/h 25
  • Time to establish the operating mode, no more than min 30
  • Voltage, V 380
  • Power consumption, kW 15
  • Material of heating elements copper
  • Overall dimensions, mm
  • Length Width Height
  • 460±10 382±5 685±10
  • Overall dimensions of the control panel, mm
  • Length Width Height
  • 300±5 298±5 177±5
  • Mass DE-25, kg 45