Distiller PE-2210 is designed to produce high-quality distilled water (corresponds to GOST 6709-72 Distilled water) for medical, household and technical purposes.

Key Features:

  • outdoor version;
  • The stainless steel body is made by stamping and welding, which ensures corrosion resistance and durability;
  • Efficient coiled tube condenser ensures good heat transfer and high distilled water yield;
  • automatic shutdown when the water level drops (overheating) and the resumption of work after the restoration of water supply;
  • monoblock layout;
  • quick-detachable design of the condensation chamber, facilitating the maintenance of the device;
  • one connection point to the drain line.


  • Productivity 10 l/hour
  • Power max. 7500 W
  • Power supply 380 V
  • Frequency 50…60 Hz
  • Dimensions 350x270x830 mm
  • Weight 7.5 kg