Viscometric milk analyzer “Соматос-Мини” is designed to control the quality of milk and determine the number of somatic cells in milk by relative viscosity, measured by the time the controlled sample flows through the capillary.

The method for determining the number of somatic cells in milk used in this analyzer fully complies with the standards of the Russian Federation GOST 23453-2014 (current).

Applications: dairy farms, regional veterinary and dairy laboratories, dairy industry enterprises.

“Соматос-Мини” is a compact, inexpensive, simple and easy to use and maintain device for measuring the number of somatic cells in milk. “Соматос-Мини” is a modification of the somatic cell analyzer “Соматос”, which has proven itself well in the Russian market.

The device has a wide range of applications:

  1. Dairy farms – the implementation of timely prevention and treatment of mastitis in cows, which ensures a stable supply of environmentally friendly milk (which accordingly increases the cost of production).
  2. Veterinary laboratories and quality control points of farmer cooperatives – identification of a breed of cattle that is resistant to diseases and has a high milk yield.
  3. Dairy plants and enterprises of the dairy industry – the implementation of quality control of milk coming from farmers.

Ease of operation

The analyzer is simple and easy to use, does not require highly skilled personnel.
To carry out the analysis, it is necessary to press the “ENTER” button, the flask will be set to the starting position, add 10 ml of milk and 5 ml of “Мастоприм” solution to the flask using pipettes, press the “ENTER” button again, the analysis of the sample will begin.
At the end of the analysis, a sound signal will sound and the measurement result will appear on the indicator of the device. After finishing work, the analyzer should be washed with special detergents supplied with the analyzer.

Verification is carried out in the Rosstandart system. “Соматос-Мини” is supplied by the attorney of FBU Novosibirsk CSM. The calibration interval is 1 year. After the verification period expires, you can contact the nearest CSM with the verification procedure that is included in the kit, or Sibagropribor, which will be happy to help you with this.

The analyzer of somatic cells in milk “Соматос-Мини” is registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation under No. 39563-08, certificate No. 34009 is valid until 03/14/2019.
The analyzer is also included in the State Register:
of the Republic of Belarus
of the Republic of Kazakhstan (in Kazakh ).

Declaration of conformity with the requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union of the EAEU No. RU D-RU.PC54.B.00074 (valid until 11.03.2023)

Warranty: 1+1 (1 year warranty + 1 year free service).
If necessary, our service centers will provide free warranty repair and post-warranty service. Repairs are carried out at a high technical level and in the shortest possible time.
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