The device “Mil tech-3″ is intended for express diagnostics of latent (subclinical) mastitis in cow’s milk. It is especially convenient to use the device during control milkings, because analysis of one sample takes several seconds, which makes the process high-tech.

“Miltek-3” does not require any preliminary sample preparation before analysis and does not use any chemicals in the analysis. The temperature of the analyzed sample can be from +20ºС to +39 ºС.

The device has a number of service features that make it easy to use.

  • LCD display for easy-to-read measurement results
  • Full automatic diagnostics with display messages about any malfunctions
  • And other technical and software capabilities (for example, communication with a computer), etc.

Measuring range: From healthy animals (0%) to animals with subclinical and clinical mastitis (100%)

The reliability of the measurement results corresponds to standard diagnostics using chemical diagnostics for mastitis (mastidine, dimastin, etc.)

This device replaces chemicals, thereby providing a great economic effect.

Warranty: 1+1 (1 year warranty + 1 year free service)