Cryostat for maintaining the set temperature of the pneumatic circuit of the secondary standard of gas humidity units
Instability and heterogeneity within ±0.02 °С
Temperature control range −60…−10 °С

  • Advanced self-diagnostics and protection systems for monitoring the excess of the coolant temperature over the set value, the coolant level in the bath, the temperature of the pump motor, the health of the heaters and their controls.
  • Turn on and off at the specified time thanks to the built-in clock.
  • Adaptive self-adjusting temperature controller.
  • Possibility to connect an external temperature sensor.
  • Optimum chiller control ensures that the thermostat heats up and cools down quickly when the setpoint changes.

Available as options: external control sensor, RS-232 or RS-485 interfaces.
The warranty period of operation is − 12 months.


Temperature control range −60…−10 °С
Instability of maintaining the set temperature ±0.02 °С
Inhomogeneity of the temperature field in the working volume of the thermostat ±0.02 °С
Bath volume 50 l
Recommended coolant ethanol
Thermostat dimensions 910×600×1250 mm
The open part of the bath Ø250 mm
Bath depth 480 mm
Weight of the thermostat without coolant 175 kg
Power consumption 5.2 kW