Cryostat for temperature control of electrodes during verification of sets of pH meters and conductometric cells
Instability and heterogeneity within ±0.1 °С
Temperature control range 0…+100 °С

  • The presence of a lifting table for adjusting the depth of immersion of temperature-controlled sensors from 5 to 20 cm.
  • A system of 8 steel concentric rings that allows you to change the diameter of the working chamber cover.
  • Optimum chiller control ensures that the thermostat heats up and cools down quickly when the setpoint changes.
  • Bright LED display.
  • Existence of the indicator of inclusion of a heater.
  • Crane for draining the coolant.

Specifications :

Temperature control range 0…+100 °С
Instability of maintaining the set temperature ±0.1 °С
Inhomogeneity of the temperature field in the working volume of the thermostat ±0.1 °С
Exit time from temperature +20 °С:
up to 0 °C 30 min
up to +100 °C 90 min
Bath volume 18 l
Recommended coolant coolant coolant 40 (TOSOL A-40)
Thermostat dimensions 385×700×590 mm
The open part of the bath 165×165 mm
Bath depth 300 mm
Weight of the thermostat without coolant 55 kg
Power consumption 3.5 kW