Thermobar electronic ТШЭ-2-3,5

Thermobar TSHE-2-3.5 is designed to measure the temperature of grain and other loose masses in the embankments of granaries, feed warehouses, motor transport, railway cars.
It is used at grain-receiving and grain processing enterprises, enterprises of the food and feed industry, and in other agricultural organizations.

The main advantage of the device: temperature measurement inside the bulk of grain without removing the probe.


Ease of maintenance
Robust construction (body made of duralumin tube (ø22 mm ) temperature control without removing the thermal rod The electronic unit has a two-line digital display, the upper line (out) shows the temperature measured by the sensor located in the measuring tip, the bottom line (in) shows the ambient temperature (the sensor is located inside the electronic unit).


The thermal rod TSHE-2-3.5 consists of 5 main parts: the main rod (length – 2 m); extension link (length – 1.5 m); electronic unit with a two-line liquid crystal display; measuring tip; lever.


Thermal bar length, mm 3500
External diameter, mm 22
Temperature measurement range, °С
external sensor -50 to +70
internal sensor -10 to +40
Division scale, °С 0.1
Sensor inertia temperature, min 4
Weight, kg 1
Power supply type AA (1.5 V)