Sieving RL-1 (1-cavity, without sieves)

Laboratory sifters of the RL type are used in laboratories of the State Grain Inspectorate, laboratories of grain-producing, grain-receiving and processing enterprises to control infection, contamination and fineness of grain, fineness of flour, cereals and animal feed. RL-type sieves can be successfully used for fractionation of various other bulk materials and can be completed with appropriate sieves and gratings at the request of consumers.


  • Complete balance, low noise level, low power consumption, reliable handling and maintenance, compactness, modern design.


Oscillation frequency, 1/min 200
Range of vibrations, mm 50
Power consumption, W 25
Single-phase network (220V, 50Hz) *
Screen shell diameter, mm 200
Overall dimensions, mm :
length 500
width 460
height (with set of sieves) 420
Weight, kg 37