EXPRESS METHOD FOR SIMULTANEOUS detection of the presence of ß-lactams and tetracycline
The Twinsensor test is an express method for the simultaneous detection of several types of antibiotics (beta-lactams, tetracycline) in natural, powdered and pasteurized milk. The study uses two components.

1. Microwell containing a predetermined amount of receptors and antibodies associated with particles of colloidal gold;

2. Test strip,consisting of a set of membranes with fixation lines. The “control” line is printed in green and is permanently visible. Four other lines are special “measuring” lines located below the “control” line. When the reagent from the microwell is mixed with the milk sample, the four receptors bind the corresponding analyte antibiotics, if any, during the first 5 minutes of incubation at 40+3°C. Then, after being immersed in milk, the liquid begins to migrate along the test strip and through the measuring lines. If the sample does not contain antibiotics, the lines will turn deep red. Conversely, the presence of antibiotics in the sample will not lead to color staining of the measurement lines.

Antibiotics Twinsensor

Ed/g (mcg/g)

Penicillin-G 0,002
Ampicillin 0,003
Amoxicillin 0,002
Cloxacillin 0,006
Dicloxacillin 0,006
Oxacillin 0,012
Nafcillin 0.030
Cefacetrile 0,030
Cephapyrin 0,006
Cephalonium 0,003
Cefazolin 0,018
Cefoperazone 0,003
Cefkin 0,030
Ceftiofur 0,01
Chlortetracycline 0,005
Doxycycline 0,002
Oxytetracycline 0,007
Tetracycline 0,01