One-step rapid test Betastar 4D for the determination of antibiotics in milk The method is standardized – GOST 32219-2013 “Milk and dairy products. Enzyme immunoassay methods for determining the presence of antibiotics. According to the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union “On the safety of milk and dairy products” (TR TS 033/2013)
Determines 4 groups of antibiotics: • chloramphenicol (levomycetin) 0.3 µg/kg;
• tetracycline 10 mcg/kg;
• B-lactam (penicillin) 4 mcg/kg;
• streptomycin 200 mcg/kg.
The main characteristics and advantages of the Betastar 4D test:
 • one-step test – after the start of the test, no additional steps are needed;
• detects antibiotics in raw, pasteurized, reconstituted milk;
• convenient size of a vial – it is easy to bring in test, there is no risk that test will pour out;
• disposable pipette – no risk of contamination from the outside, ensures the exact amount of the sample;
• test strip with laminated protection – contamination is impossible.
Kit contents:

• 25 tests;
• 25 disposable pipettes;
• description in Russian and English. The Rapid thermostat is used for all express methods offered by the NP Center – Betastar 4D, Beta-Star, Beta-Star Combo. AccuScan® Pro Systemconsists of a test reader for reading ELISA results on test strips and software controls for data processing. With this system, you can objectively read, store and analyze test strip results. The reader includes a digital camera with a case that interprets test strip results. The test contains bound reagents coupled to gold particles and has the following steps 1. A predetermined amount of milk is added to the vial and placed in an incubator 2. A Betastar® 4D indicator rod is inserted and as it incubates, the milk particles migrate onto the rod, simultaneously releasing the bound reagents. 3. The test results are interpreted (read) using the Accusan Pro reader

The indicator rod has 5 lines: One control line, which serves as a control line to ensure that the test works correctly and also serves as a reference line for other bands. And four test lines for beta-lactams/cephalosporins, tetracyclines, chlorampinecol and streptomycin, respectively. The list of antibiotics detected by the Betastar® 4D test is shown in the table below. Important information: • The volume of milk introduced into the vial should be 0.2 ml ± 5% • The stage of incubation and migration to the rod is 5 minutes. at a temperature of 47.5± 1°C.
• Before opening the container with the Betastar® 4D set, it must be allowed to warm up to room temperature for at least 10 minutes.
• Evaluate the result on the rod within 5 minutes after the end of the test
• Before reading the test result with the Accusan Pro reader, make sure that the specific data of the Betastar® 4D test lot is entered into the Accusan Pro reader (using the QR code)
Storage Store at temperature 2 to 8°C Transportation • Betastar® 4D Express Test – must be transported at ambient temperature (up to 7 days at temperatures not exceeding 45°C). After receiving the tests, store them under the above conditions. • The shelf life of Betastar® 4D Express Test is 12 months from the date of manufacture, under proper storage conditions. Evaluation of results The test result is evaluated by comparing each test line (upper and lower) with the control line in the middle. Negative test result (no antibiotics): The test lines are more intense than the control line. Positive test result (antibiotics are present): test lines are equal in intensity, or paler than the control line. If the control line does not appear, the test is considered invalid. 



Antibiotic Limit of sensitivity,ppb Maximum Allowable Limit (MRL)Reg 37/2010)
Penicillin G 3 4
Ampicillin 3 4
Amoxicillin 2 4
Oxacillin 3 30
Cloxacillin … 3 30
Dicloxacillin 3 30
Nafcillin 10 30
Ceftiofur 15 100
Cefquinome 6 20
Cefazolin 20 50
Cephapirin 4 60
Cefoperazone 3-4 50
Cephalexin not defined 100
Cephalonium 3 20
Tetracycline 10 100
oxytetracycline 10 100
Chlortetracecline 6 100
Doxycycline* 2
Chloramphenicol 0,3 0,3
Streptomycin 200 200