A device for determining the purity of surfaces and water.

The SystemSure Plus Luminometer, based on the principle of bioluminescent ATP quantification, is designed for rapid hygiene monitoring in accordance with HACCP principles. The operation of the device is based on the technology for determining the concentration of ATP by the intensity of the “cold glow” (bioluminescence). The result obtained with System SURE PLUS can be presented in a quantitative format.

Features of the SystemSURE Plus Luminometer:

  • Measurement time 15 seconds
  • High sensitivity (10-5 mol ATP = 1 RLU)
  • 20 test plans (production sites or study areas)
  • Entering up to 250 test points
  • Ability to work with 50 user profiles
  • Auto-calibration
  • Includes computer data analysis program
  • The device is listed in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation

Sterile Aquasnap and/or Ultrasnap tubes are required for analysis .

Hard surfaces:

ULTRASNAP (ULTRASNAP) – a sterile tube with a pre-moistened swab. Ultrasnap is used for flushing with any solid

surface after sanitizing. Luciferin/Luciferase Liquid Reagent ensures accurate and repeatable results.

The ULTRASNAP one-time rapid test is supplied in packs of 100 pieces.


AQUASNAP (AQUASNAP) resembles ULTRASNAP, with the only difference being that it is designed to determine water pollution. Inside, instead of a sterile swab, there is a reservoir for sampling the water under study. With AQUASNAP you can check the suitability of water after water treatment, check CIP-systems after a sanitary wash, as well as for many other purposes where constant monitoring of water purity is required.

The AQUASNAP one-time rapid test is supplied in packs of 100 pieces.

ATP tests

For surface:

UltraSnap — determination of the amount of ATP molecules

SuperSnap – ultrasensitive detection of ATP molecules

For liquid:

AquaSnap Free – determination of free ATP molecules

AquaSnap Total – determination of the total number of ATP molecules (microbial and free type)