Stray grain analyzer – infrared Fourier spectrometer “InfraLUM” FT-40 (IR spectrometer)

The price is for the base unit. To receive a commercial offer for the device in the working configuration, please contact the manager.

The device is designed for quantitative express analysis of whole grains of various crops without preliminary sample preparation, as well as grain identification for belonging (not belonging) to a characteristic product group.
In one measurement, within one and a half minutes, it is possible to determine a set of such indicators as the content of protein, fat, starch, fiber, gluten, moisture content, vitreousness, etc. Due to the speed and accuracy of the analysis, a significant economic effect is achieved at all stages of production, transportation and storage grain, in the preparation of flour-grinding batches and feed mixtures. The device pays for itself in the shortest possible time.
Grain analysis is performed by measuring transmission spectra in the near infrared (NIR) region and processing them using multiple regression analysis methods.

The analyzer “InfraLUM FT-40” can work in laboratory and industrial conditions.

Distinctive features of the device:

  • simultaneous determination of normalized indicators in 1.5 minutes;
  • high accuracy and ease of analysis;
  • the analysis is carried out without reagents, without sample preparation;
  • reliable calibrations (calibration models), the possibility of updating them.

Software Features:

  • The SpectraLUM/Pro® program allows the user to change calibrations and develop their own calibrations. When developing calibrations, the most modern mathematical models are used – the method of partial least squares (PLS), the method of principal component regression (PCR).

The instrument implements the Fourier spectroscopy method. The principle of operation of the device is based on the registration of grain transmission spectra in the near infrared region. These spectra are the ratio of two energy spectra: the spectrum of the sample to the background spectrum. The background spectrum in the analyzer “InfraLUM FT-40” means the energy spectrum of the standard built into the device. The analyzer “InfraLUM FT-40” implements a single-beam measurement scheme, in which the background spectrum is first recorded, then the spectrum of the sample, then the transmission spectrum of the sample is automatically calculated.

To find the relationship between the obtained spectrum and the concentrations of the components of the test sample, the analyzer “InfraLUM FT-40”, like any analytical device, is pre-calibrated. For calibration, a set of samples is used that is representative of those samples that will be further analyzed, that is, it includes samples whose properties cover the entire range of possible values ​​of the determined indicators and properties of the analyzed samples.

Calibration samples are analyzed by standard chemical (reference) methods to determine the values ​​of indicators in them, then their spectra are recorded and a calibration model is calculated that links the spectral data with the properties of the sample. To calculate the model, methods of multivariate mathematics are used – the regression method for the main components or the fractional least squares method.

Operating procedure

The analysis process looks like this: the sample is poured into the loading funnel of the device using the bucket for filling the grain included in the delivery; then, with the help of a computer, the analysis program is selected from the menu and the measurement process is started. Further actions occur automatically.

The analysis results are displayed on a computer monitor. The analysis results are stored in the measurement log. Information is added to the log automatically when calculating the result of an analysis of an unknown sample; it is possible to view and print a protocol for one or more measurements.

Areas of use

  • grain procurement: express determination of the variety and quality of grain;
  • food industry, poultry farming and animal husbandry: control of the composition and quality of grain feed raw materials.

Areas of the greatest efficiency of the device:

  • analysis in a limited time;
  • analysis of a large number of components or samples with limited resources.

Recommended scope of delivery

  • NIR analyzer “InfraLUM FT-40”;
  • software package SpectraLUM/Pro;
  • computer with touch monitor, set (CD with operating manual and software for the computer, network cable, power supply, pre-installed Windows XP).



Measurement time 1.5 min
Sample volume in cuvette 500 ml
Cell length 6-35 mm
Working spectral range 13200-8700-1
(760-1150 nm)
Permission 8, 16, 32, 64 cm-1
dimensions 640x310x490 mm
Weight 31 kg
Power consumption 110 W
Nutrition 220 V, 50 Hz
Check frequency 1 time per year