Infrared analyzer INFRASCAN-3150.

A modern stand-alone infrared analyzer designed to expressly determine the quality indicators of cereals, legumes, oilseeds, feed and raw materials for their production and other substances by measuring the optical characteristics of specially prepared samples of the analyzed products in the near infrared region of the spectrum.


Laboratories of grain-producing farms, elevators and grain receiving points, breeding centers, crop research institutes, feed mills, enterprises of the oil and fat industry, control and analytical laboratories of the CSM and other organizations and enterprises associated with research, quality assessment and certification of grain, oilseeds, feed, etc. P.


  • Analyzes a wide range of quality indicators (protein/protein, moisture, quantity and quality of gluten (GQ), fat/oil content, water absorption capacity, etc.);
    • Works with samples of the analyzed substance in the form of grinding;
    • Calibrated to evaluate moisture and protein in whole wheat grains;
    • Built-in information-computer complex and the use of various methods of mathematical processing (linear regression, PCR – principal components regression, PLS – partial least squares method) allows you to analyze a wide range of products and develop complex calibration equations.Up to 1 million measurement results are stored in memory;
    • Convenient and easy control of the measurement process thanks to the large touch display.The display shows all the necessary information.
    • Equipped with a universal cuvette, which allows to analyze not only bulk, but also liquid and pasty products (mayonnaise, vegetable oils)
    • A photodetector based on Hamamatsu’s indium gallium arsenide material allows accurate measurements without increasing the analysis time.
    • The built-in whiteness module allows you to determine the whiteness of the product simultaneously with other quality indicators (moisture, protein, gluten).
    • Analysis time takes 1-1.2 minutes. The device allows you to get a result for several indicators in one measurement.
    • No sample refill required. Registration of the reflection spectrum of the analyzed sample is performed from several points in one measurement.
    • High vibration resistance allows work both in the laboratory and in production facilities.
    • Each time the instrument is started, the internal connections, the monochromator, and the detector are self-tested to ensure accurate results throughout the lifetime of the analyzer.
    • It is possible to use the analyzer as a moisture meter for rapid determination of the preliminary moisture content of whole grains.
    Sample preparation for IR analysis does not require decomposition or extraction of any substances, the main thing is to grind the product. Both sample heterogeneity and large grind size lead to systematic and statistical errors in the analysis. In an unground sample, only the surface of the grains is analyzed; therefore, the representativeness of the sample in relation to their core is lost.


The software developed for the INFRASCAN-3150 infrared analyzer allows you to remotely (via the INTERNET) update the calibrations installed on the device and develop new calibration equations. When developing calibrations, various methods of mathematical processing and analysis of statistical data are used (linear regression, PCR – principal components regression, PLS – least squares method).


  • Infrared analyzer INFRASCAN-3150
    • Software
    • Mini-printer
    Supplied with ready-made calibrations:
    • Wheat (moisture, protein, gluten content)
    • Barley (moisture, protein)
    Additional calibrations can be installed.
    The analyzer INFRASCAN-3150 is registered in the State Register of measuring instruments under No. 62251-15, has a certificate of approval of the type of measuring instruments RU.C.31.005.A No. 60484 dated 16.11.2015. All manufactured devices undergo primary verification and have a corresponding certificate.


Spectral range, nm 1400…2500
Measurement range of quality indicators, %

– mass fraction of moisture

– mass fraction of protein

– mass fraction of crude fat

– mass fraction of raw gluten (in wheat)

– mass fraction of crude fiber

from 5 to 25

from 5 to 60

from 1 to 80

from 16 to 40

from 2 to 25

Limits of permissible absolute error of the results of measurements of quality indicators,%:

– mass fraction of moisture

– mass fraction of protein

in the range from 5% to 20% incl.

in the range of St. 20% to 40% incl.

in the range of over 40% to 60%




– mass fraction of crude fat:

in the range of 1% to 5% incl.

in the range of St. 5% to 20% incl.

in the range of St. 20% to 40% incl.

in the range of over 40% to 80%





– mass fraction of raw gluten (in wheat) ±2.0
– mass fraction of crude fiber (for cereals, oilseeds and products of their processing):

in the range from 2% to 5% incl.

in the range of St. 5% to 10% incl.

in the range of over 10% to 25%




Average service life, years 5
Time of establishment of the operating mode, min. thirty
The volume of the analyzed sample, ml 70
Overall dimensions (L×W×H), mm 600×350×350
Weight, kg 25
Power consumption, VA 200
Supply voltage with a frequency of 50±1 Hz, At 220+30