Stereo microscopes MBS, produced by the Lytkarinsky Optical and Mechanical Plant (LZOS), are rightfully the most popular stereo microscopes. The high quality of optics, convenient dimensions and many years of experience in the production of stereomicroscopes have allowed MBS microscopes to become the main working tool in scientific laboratories, forensic laboratories, SES, research institutes, and jewelry workshops. LZOS produces two models of microscopes: MBS-12 and MBS-10 .

Technical characteristics of MBS-12:

Zoom range 5x – 102x
Linear field of view, within mm 2.5 – 40
Working distance, not less than mm 79
Diopter aiming of eyepieces, within diopter ±5
Light source halogen lamp 12V/20W
dimensions mm 195x285x455
Weight kg 7.5
Weight with packaging kg 10.0

optical characteristics of MBS-12

rounded magnifications and
fields of view with each pair of interchangeable eyepieces

Eyepiece magnification Microscope magnification line of sight Exit pupil removal
Enlargement of the objective part 10x 20x 10x 20x 10x 20x
0.5 5 10 40 25 24 12
1.0 10 20 20 12
2.0 20 40 10 6
3.0 thirty 60 6 4
5.0 50 102 4 2.5