Magnification, 8.75
Field of view, mm 25
Working distance, mm 140
Light source (lamp), reflected light
Dimensions, mm 300 x 172 x 130
Weight, kg 1.55

The binocular microscope BM-51-2 is designed for examining the surfaces of small objects: engraving, relief, scratches, broken threads, etc.

The microscope can be used for visual observation in educational and research institutes, schools, agricultural laboratories to determine the quality of seeds, in various industries. The microscope can be used by geologists, surveyors, archaeologists, biologists, physicians, veterinarians.

The high stereoscopicity of a binocular microscope greatly facilitates the study of the objects under study: their shape, structure, etc.

The microscope is based on binoculars mounted on a bracket. The design allows you to move the bracket with the optical head on the rack. Both microscope eyepieces have additional focusing.