The PE-5400VI spectrophotometer was developed in accordance with the requirements for spectral instruments for environmental monitoring (water, air, soil), drinking water quality control, technological control of raw materials and finished products of various industries (food, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, petrochemistry) and other routine analytical tasks.

Certificate of approval of the type of measuring instruments, recognition of the type of measuring instruments in the CIS countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine
Registration certificate No. FSR 2010/07089. (PE spectrophotometer is not subject to VAT).
Certificate of Conformity No. ROSS RU.AG48.N10482. Declaration of Conformity No. RU D-RU.MM04.V.01336.




• Warranty period – 36 months.
• Original design (our more accurate and reliable devices are outwardly different from devices from other suppliers that illegally use the popularity of the PE trademark of the Ekros group of companies).
• The absolute measurement error of spectral directional transmittances is less than ±0.5%T.
• Enlarged cuvette compartment allows you to install a holder for 4 cuvettes 24 mm wide (KFK standard) up to 100 mm long or a holder for 6 cuvettes 12 mm wide (European standard) with an optical path length of up to 50 mm.
• The value of optical density does not depend on the position of the cuvette in the cuvette holder
• Possibility to use cuvettes with a small wedge shape
• Extended boundaries of the spectral range: 315±1000 nm (wider than that of KFK-3.01 – 315±990 nm).
• Software setting of the wavelength.
• Automatic setting of the dark current when changing the wavelength.
• Increased stability of measurement results compared to common analogues.
• The package includes a set of four control light filters, which allows you to quickly control the reliability of the measurement results.
• Ability to measure with high accuracy the optical density of liquids in vials and test tubes (with optional COD holder).
• Built-in quantitative analysis mode with the construction of calibrations for standard samples or input coefficients.
• Saving up to 200 data groups and up to 200 calibration curves in the device memory.
• Software for PC included:
– quantitative analysis (creation and saving of calibrations, analysis based on the created calibrations with automatic calculation of concentrations and statistical parameters, saving the obtained data, printing the protocol in the GLP standard);
– kinetic analysis (change in optical density over a given period of time);
– data entry in Excel


• Optional SC5400 wavelength scanning software for PC is available to extend the capabilities of the spectrophotometer to the level of scanning instruments.




• Spectral range: 315-1000 nm.
• Spectral slit width: 4 nm.
• Wavelength setting error: no more than ±1 nm.
• Reproducibility of the wavelength setting: ± 0.5 nm.
• Limits of permissible absolute error when measuring the spectral coefficients of directional transmission: ± 0.5% T.
• Measurement range:
a) optical density: from 3.000 to 0.000;
b) directional transmittance: from 0.0 to 100.0%.
• Light source: halogen lamp.
• Digital output for connection to a PC: USB B.
• Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm: 465x395x235.
• Weight: 11.5 kg.
• Power consumption: 35 W.
• Supply voltage: 85-250 Volts AC.


Contents of delivery:


• device with a holder for 4 cuvettes 24 mm wide (KFK standard) up to 100 mm long;
• CD with software;
• control light filters (4 pieces in a case);
• glass cuvette 10×24 mm (4 pieces in a case);
•adapter-stub (4 pcs.);
• cover for dust protection;
•cable USB A – USB B for connection to a PC;
• spare halogen lamp;
•passport and operation manual with the method of verification and an imprint of the verifier’s brand, software user’s manual.


The spectrophotometer PE-5400VI differs from common analogues (KFK-3.01, UNICO 1200 (1201), UNICO 2100, PE-5400V, LEKI SS1207, LEKI SS2107) by an extended spectral range, improved metrological characteristics and performance.


Since 09/01/2010, the production and sale of obsolete models PE-5300V and PE-5400V have been discontinued.


Application area:


Spectrophotometers are used to carry out photometric analysis.
• Water quality control (drinking, natural, waste) for indicators: aluminum, ammonium, ammonia, boron, vanadium, bismuth, iron, cadmium, urea, cobalt, silicon, manganese, copper, methanol, molybdenum, turbidity, arsenic, nickel, nitrates, nitrites, tin, surfactants, thiocyanates, mercury, lead, selenium, silver, sulfates, phenols, formaldehyde, phosphates, phosphorus, fluorides, COD, chromium (VI), color, cyanides, zinc, etc.
• Content control chemicals in the soil for indicators: total nitrogen, aluminum, ammonium, beryllium, boron, humus, iron, cobalt, magnesium, manganese, copper, molybdenum, arsenic, nitrates, organic matter, selenium, sulfates, volatile phenols, formaldehyde, phosphorus, zinc, sulfur, etc.
• Control of the content of chemicals in the atmospheric air and emissions into the atmosphere for indicators: ammonia, manganese, nickel, formaldehyde, hydrogen fluoride, chlorine, chromium, etc. • Control
of the working area air for compliance with labor safety standards
of incoming raw materials and output control):
• Content in food products: iron, lactose, citric acid, copper, arsenic, nitrates, nitrites, nitrates, tin, sugar, sorbic acid, phosphorus, nickel, protein in milk, etc.
• Content in alcoholic products: aldehydes, iron, copper, methyl alcohol, sugar, fusel oil, higher alcohols, color, complex esters, etc.
• Content in feed, mixed feed: iron, carotene, cobalt, manganese, copper, lead, carbohydrates, phosphorus, zinc
• Determination of the concentration of lead and iron in gasoline.
To determine the content in blood, urine and chemical solutions of various substances (sugar, hemoglobin, etc.), carboxyhemoglobin in blood and muscles