The PE-5300VI spectrophotometer was developed in accordance with the requirements for spectral instruments for environmental monitoring (water, air, soil), drinking water quality control, technological control of raw materials and finished products of various industries (food, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, petrochemistry) and other routine analytical tasks.

Certificate of approval of the type of measuring instruments, recognition of the type of measuring instruments in the CIS countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine
Registration certificate No. FSR 2010/07089. (PE spectrophotometer is not subject to VAT).
Certificate of Conformity No. ROSS RU.AG48.N10482. Declaration of Conformity No. RU D-RU.MM04.V.01336.




• Warranty period – 36 months.
• Cuvette holder to choose from:
– holder for 3 cuvettes 24 mm wide (KFK standard) and optical path length from 5 to 100 mm;
– holder for 4 cuvettes 12 mm wide (European standard) with optical path length from 5 to 50 mm.
• The value of optical density does not depend on the position of the cuvette in the cuvette holder
• Possibility of using cuvettes with a small wedge shape
• For the convenience of the user, it is possible to arrange the cuvettes in a checkerboard pattern without compromising metrological characteristics
• Increased accuracy and stability of measurement results compared to common analogues.
• The price of the device already includes a set of four control filters.
• Ability to measure with high accuracy the optical density of liquids in vials and test tubes (with an additional holder).
• Software for PC included:
– quantitative analysis (creation and saving of calibrations, analysis based on the created calibrations with automatic calculation of concentrations and statistical parameters, saving the obtained data, printing the protocol in the GLP standard);
– kinetic analysis (change in optical density over a given period of time);
– data export to Excel.




• Spectral range: 325-1000 nm.
• Spectral slit width: 4 nm.
• Wavelength setting error, no more: ±2 nm.
• Reproducibility of installation of wavelength, no more than: 1 nm.
• Limits of permissible absolute error when measuring the spectral coefficients of directional transmittance, not more than: ±0.5%T.
• Measurement range:
a) optical density: from 3.000 to 0.000;
b) directional transmittance: from 0.0 to 100.0%.
• Light source: halogen lamp.
• Digital output for connection to a PC: USB B.
• Overall dimensions (LxWxH) mm: 440x320x175.
• Weight: no more than 8.5 kg.
• Power consumption: 25 W.
• Supply voltage: 85-250 Volts AC.


Contents of delivery:


• a device with a holder for 3 cuvettes 24 mm wide (KFK standard) up to 100 mm long
•dummy adapter (3 pcs.),
•dust protection cover,
•USB A – USB B cable for connecting to a PC,
•spare halogen lamp,
•passport and operating manual with verification procedure and verifier brand imprint, software user manual.


Spectrophotometer PE-5300VI outperforms analogues UNICO 1200 (1201), LEKI SS1104, PE-5300V, KFK-3 in a number of metrological and operational characteristics.


Since 09/01/2010, the production and sale of obsolete models PE-5300V and PE-5400V have been discontinued.