The slit lamp is designed for biomicroscopic examination of the anterior and posterior sections of the eye. The device is equipped with a binocular stereomicroscope with a device for discrete change of magnifications. Provided the ability to work with glasses. The slit lamp has high operational reliability and excellent optical quality, increased slit image brightness, ease of operation, conveniently located slit, height and rotation adjustment elements. The simple but perfect design of the unit for moving the instruments in the horizontal plane makes it possible to smoothly and with a high degree of accuracy in aiming for observation. Using this lamp, it is possible to apply all methods of examination of the anterior and posterior sections of the eye known in ophthalmological practice.

The device includes a tonometer and a video adapter.

  • Microscope magnification five-step: 5.6; nine; fourteen; 22; 35 times
  • Field of view, mm 32; 19.6; 12.5; 8; five
  • Eyepiece magnification 12.5
  • Change in the size of the image of the slot, mm: – discretely along the length 1; 3; 8; 12 – in width smoothly 0.04 – 12
  • Interpupillary distance 56 – 72 mm
  • Diopter adjustment of eyepieces from – 6 to + 6 diopters
  • Slit rotation ± 90º (from 0º to 180º)
  • Slit illuminator halogen, bottom position
  • Smooth brightness control
  • Movement of the movable base, mm: forward-backward 90, right-left 100, vertically 30
  • Microscope resolution from 9x to 35x over the field from 90 lines/mm
  • Weight 18 kg