The Heine Beta 200 handheld ophthalmoscope is an excellent diagnostic tool and provides perfect visualization of the fundus!

HEINE BETA 200 provides a complete view of the illuminated area, even when viewed through a small pupil, while conventional ophthalmoscopes allow you to see only a part of the illuminated area.

High illumination of the fundus is provided by the use of a halogen lamp, and the use of modern batteries (eg “Duracell” or “Energizer”) allows for 60-70 minutes of continuous operation.

Ophthalmoscope “BETA-200” – one of the most ergonomic! A well-thought-out arrangement of diaphragm discs, their “tenacious” knurling, comfortable illumination of the Recoss-dial values ​​make the device extremely convenient to use. The use of the device is possible in a wide variety of working conditions – both in the hospital and on the road.

Wide functionality is determined by the following characteristics of the ophthalmoscopic head:


  • Corrective lenses: -35 to +40 diopters in one diopter increments;
  • 7 diaphragms, each of which can be combined with a separate red-free interference filter: blue filter, fixation-measuring grid (star with polar coordinates), large round aperture, medium aperture, spot test, slit and semicircle. Ideal conditions for examining a pupil of any size!
  • The separation of the illumination and observation beams using an aspherical optical system eliminates the corneal and pupillary reflexes.
  • Lighting: HEINE XHL 2.5V or 3.5V halogen lamp with bright, white light;
  • Optics mounted on precise, metal chassis: reliability, accuracy
  • Ergonomic design. Can be operated with one hand; ·
  • Recessed, enlightened viewing window – the ability to avoid light scattering;
  • Soft plastic around the viewing window
  • Dustproof housing – maintenance free.