Set of preparations “General Biology” (14 arr. )
Sets of preparations for a microscope are specially created for carrying out independent researches. Preparations are grouped into 3 sets:
– botany and zoology,
– anatomy and physiology,
– general biology.
So that natural curiosity does not dry out, it is best to choose visual and expressive ways of conveying knowledge. Micropreparations are selected in such a way that acquaintance with biology is the most exciting.
All micropreparations are signed, numbered and placed in plastic cases with individual cells, so they will not be confused or lost during the research.
The dimensions of finished preparations are standard (25 mm x 76 mm) and are suitable for use with any Micromed biological microscope.

14 specimens, 10 slides, coverslips

  • Penicillin Whole Body
  • Aspergillus (mushroom) whole organism
  • black mold
  • Yeast
  • Chlamydomonas whole organism
  • Epidermis (skin) of onion whole body
  • Fertilized Spirogyra Whole Body
  • Moss longitudinal section
  • Drosophila (normal)
  • Drosophila mutation (wingless form)
  • Cleavage of the egg
  • human chromosomes
  • Bacteria cell
  • Pollen germination whole organism