Micropreparations 36 samples.

The set consists of 12 glasses. Each slide contains 3 micropreparations. Micropreparations are safe for the child – the glasses are sealed in a film.

The set contains sections of plants, insects, algae, for example:

  • Linden stem
  • epithelium sample
  • fungus mold
  • pine needles
  • spines
  • Villi berries
  • spongy substance
  • bean leaf
  • Sunflower stem
  • mosquito head
  • Silkworm larva
  • dragonfly wing
  • butterfly wing
  • Aphid
  • Ant
  • Feather
  • bee wing
  • bee paw

A set of ready-made preparations for conducting research on an educational biological microscope of transmitted light. For preschool and primary school age.