Used in conjunction with atomic absorption spectrometers MGA-915 and MGA-1000 .

Designed to determine trace amounts of mercury and elements that form volatile hydrides – arsenic (As), antimony (Sb), selenium (Se), as well as other hydride-forming elements. Mercury is analyzed using the “cold vapor” method.

Eliminates the interfering influence of the sample matrix during the formation of the analytical signal.

Main applications:

analytical control of environmental objects (water, air, soil), analysis of food products and food raw materials, medicine, geology, scientific research.

The use of the RGP-915 mercury-hydride attachment in the analysis of water samples makes it possible to reduce the concentration limit of detection of mercury (Hg), arsenic (As), antimony (Sb), selenium (Se) by 2-3 orders of magnitude.

The basic equipment of the RGP-915 includes:

  • two dispensers, volume from 1 to 5 ml;
  • 100 pipette tips;
  • 5 graphite furnaces (cuvettes) without pyro-coating.

Additionally can be supplied:

1) reagents;

2) texts of methods.

Often bought with this product:

Graphite cuvette without pyro-coating, for RGP-915