Refrigerator laboratory HL-340 “POZIS”

Designed to work in laboratories of various fields and diagnostic centers (PCR, biochemical, immunological and hematological studies), at blood transfusion stations and in serological laboratories, when equipping pharmacies, pharmacy production departments and pharmaceutical enterprises, vaccination rooms. The refrigerator provides the need to store drugs, media, vaccines, samples, test kits and other pharmaceuticals at a temperature of +2°С to +15°С in a refrigerator and at temperatures from minus 10°С to minus 25°С in freezer.

Key features:
• 2 microprocessor temperature controllers with ultra-sensitive temperature sensors,
• forced air circulation system in the refrigerator compartment,
• glass door with a lock
metal door in the freezer compartment,
• automatic temperature maintenance in the chambers,
• alarm in case of temperature deviation from the set one,
• displaying the temperature on the control panel display,
• turning off the fan when the door is opened.

Specifications HL-340 “POZIS”

General characteristics
Total volume, l. 400
The volume of the refrigerating chamber, l. 270
The volume of the freezer / NTO, l. 130
Number of compressors, pcs. 2
Overall dimensions, mm,
Height, mm 2080
Depth, mm 610
Width, mm 600
Weight, kg, no more 98
Voltage, V 220
Guarantee 1
Low Temperature Unit (NTO)
Temperature in the freezer -10 … -25
cooling chamber
Refrigerator temperature +2 … +15
Shelf height adjustment There is
Climate class SN
frequency Hz 50