Freezer GFL-6342

Freezer GFL-6342 horizontal – medical freezer for 100 l, 0…-40 °C is a maintenance-free refrigeration unit. This unit is equipped with high capacity compressors and an air-cooled condenser. Performs cooling in minimum time.

Technical features:
• The refrigerant does not contain freon.
• Minimum noise level during operation.
• Consumes a small amount of electricity due to the thick polyurethane (150 millimeters) layer of thermal insulation.
• The working chamber is made of high quality steel, easy to clean, does not contain sources of ignition.
• Housing made of galvanized steel with powder coating.
• Freezers are equipped with legs with double rollers.
• Lockable freezer lid.
• The control unit is equipped with a locking system.
• The chest is equipped with a visual and audible warning system that warns of problems.
• The temperature limits are set individually.
• Any fault is assigned a code number shown on the display.
• Operates at ambient temperatures up to +28 degrees Celsius.
• Temperature range: 0 to -40 degrees Celsius.
• Electronic control and regulation of temperature in the freezer.
• The instrument displays the actual and set temperatures digitally.
• NC-accumulator, when the power is turned off, provides temperature indication and alarm operation for 60 hours.


Designation Meaning
Working volume, liters 100
Cooling power, Watt 600
Digital display eat
Cassette height option 1 (cardboard with a water-repellent layer), millimeters 50
Height of the cassette option 2 (cardboard with a water-repellent layer), millimeters 75
Internal dimensions, mm 700×430×340
Maximum ambient temperature, degrees Celsius 30
Number of cassettes option 1 90
Number of cassettes option 2 60
Number of cassette drawers (metal) 15
External dimensions, mm 960×790×1 080
Temperature range, degrees Celsius 0 to −40
Nutrition 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Weight, kilogram 180