Portable express milk analyzer “Expert-001-3rNm” for measuring pH and automatically calculating the titratable acidity of milk and dairy products, as well as for measuring the activity of pCa, pNa, pNH4 ions to determine the heat resistance of milk and the presence of deoxidizers in it. The package includes a combined electrode ESK-10601, a metal temperature sensor TDS-3 and standard captions (ion-selective electrodes are not included). Acidity measurement range 0-12 pH units (+-0.05 pH units) Special software for automatic calculation of titratable acidity for harvested milk.

Possibility of expansion of a set for measurement in milk of calcium ions. ammonium, sodium, choride, fluoride.

Delivery set:
– IE “Expert-001-3(0.1)* portable with software “Moloko”
– ISE (pH)**
– reference electrode EVL-1M3.1**
– stand – electrode holder
– pH standard titers
– temperature sensor
– PC cable
– BP
– MVI (copy)
– documentation

* laboratory version of the device
is possible ** delivery with a combined pH electrode is possible