Laboratory ph-meter ANION-4100 is designed to measure EMF, ph, molar, mass concentration of ions, specific electrical conductivity and salinity, concentration of dissolved oxygen, as well as the temperature of aqueous media in the analysis of natural and industrial waters.

Laboratory ph-meter ANION 4100 has high consumer characteristics:

  • the possibility of introducing up to 6 calibration points
  • cash ATC
  • graduation reminder
  • control of the correctness of the calibration according to the value of the steepness of the electrode function (S)
  • tolerance control of measurement results
  • selection of a convenient unit of pH or mV
  • electronic notepad for 199 measurement groups (pH + °С) with manual and automatic data recording
  • simultaneous display of values ​​of the main parameter and temperature
  • information about the settings and values ​​​​of the autonomous power supply voltage
  • communication interface RS-232 C
  • clock and real time calendar

Specifications of ph meter

  • Range (discreteness) EMF, mV: -2000…+2000 (1)
  • Error, mV: 2
  • Range (discreteness) ph: -2…14 (0.01)
  • Ph error: 0.02
  • Temperature (discreteness), С: 0…100 (0.1)
  • Error, C: 0.3