Number in the state register: 43818-10
Oil circuit breaker tester ТМВ-2 is intended for registration of speed and time characteristics of high-voltage oil circuit breakers.
The device registers the following parameters:
  • Switches on and off time
  • Degree of difference in timing of closing and opening of contacts
  • The values ​​of linear displacements of the movable contacts of the circuit breakers, including the values ​​of contact pressure, i.e. distances between the point of contact of the contacts and the position of the contacts in the on state
  • Speed ​​characteristics of circuit breakers (dependence of the speed of movement of the moving contacts of circuit breakers on the amount of movement, speed on time and movement on time)
Distinctive features:
  • When used in conjunction with the RIP-2 source, it allows you to take speed and time characteristics at a reduced drive supply voltage
  • The device has a built-in liquid crystal indicator (display), which displays the operating modes and measurement results in numerical form
  • To control the switching of the circuit breaker, the TMV-2 device has switches control keys that allow you to measure the state of the circuit breaker on command from the device
  • The TMV-2 device has a built-in non-volatile memory that allows you to store measurement results, as well as a USB port for connecting to a personal computer
  • The measurement results are saved and can later be transferred to a PC using the data receiving program
  • TMV-2 is supplied complete with PC software that allows you to save, print and view the speed and time characteristics of circuit breakers
  • ТМВ-2 is capable of performing the following switchovers in automatic mode: a) turn on (ON); b) disable (OFF)
  • Calibration interval 1 year