The chamber furnace SNOL-12/15 is designed for heat treatment (heating, hardening, firing) of various materials in air up to a temperature of 1550 °C.

Their main advantage is the possibility of continuous operation at high temperatures in the air and rapid heating, in 30…40 minutes, to the nominal temperature. Such unique qualities are achieved through the use of new generation heat-resistant heaters made of lanthanum chromite, as well as high-quality thermal insulation made of Al2O3-based ceramic fiber material.

For ease of use, a parallel door and forced air cooling of the casing are provided.


The use of a microprocessor controller-programmer for 2, 8 or 20 sections with a thyristor power supply makes it possible to carry out complex technological heat treatment modes with high accuracy, without the constant presence of an operator.


Key Features:

  • fiber muffle;
  • external arrangement of heaters made of lanthanum chromite;
  • programmable thermostat;
  • forced cooling of the casing and high-quality thermal insulation made of ceramic fiber material based on Al2O3;
  • in parallel, a door with a false casing is retracted to the side.




  • Max. temperature 1550 °C
  • volume 12 l
  • chamber dimensions 200x300x200 mm
  • camera material fiber
  • muffle type open
  • thermostat programmer
  • power max. 8.0 kW
  • power supply 220 V/Hz
  • dimensions 550x700x850 mm
  • weight 100 kg
  • production Russia