Mill laboratory LMTs-1M

The mill is necessary for grinding grain of wheat, rye and other crops with a moisture content of up to 20% to a given size when preparing samples to determine the quality of gluten, “falling number” and other quality indicators.

It can also be used in laboratories of grain-receiving, flour-grinding enterprises, in the system of agriculture, breeding and research organizations.

The principle of operation is based on imparting centrifugal acceleration to the processed material, at which it is pressed against a rough (abrasive) surface and crushed to a stable particle size. The resulting meal, having passed the calibration sieve, enters the cyclone, from where the air is discharged through the filter into the atmosphere, and the meal is poured into the receiving glass.

The mill is equipped with calibration sieves with a hole diameter of 0.8, 0.9 and 1.0 mm.


Product weight, g 10..40
Maximum grinding speed, g/s 3
Maximum size of crushed grains, mm 7
The volume of the working fluid (water), l 1
Lattice hole diameter, mm 1.0; 0.8
Duration of continuous operation, min 20
Rotation frequency of the working body, rpm 10000
Installed power, W 300
Dimensions, mm 235x235x450
Weight, no more than, kg 5.5