“Lactan” Spanish. 600 ULTRAMAX analyzers are based on the LATEST ULTRASOUND MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY, which allows you to get the most accurate and fastest results!


  • The analysis speed is only 40-50 seconds!
  • High accuracy and reproducibility of analysis results
  • Ergonomic body
  • Modern touch screen (button control also possible)
  • Vibration washing and smart washing mode
  • Ability to print results online on a thermal printer
  • Connecting via USB to a computer, working with data in software under Windows
  • Sample preparation and analysis of milk from 5°С
  • Operation from 220V and 12V (car on-board network)


“Laktan” isp. 600 ULTRAMAX allows you to measure 12 parameters of milk quality by ultrasonic method without the use of chemical reagents: the content of the mass fraction of fat, protein, solids, SOMO, lactose, density, added water, freezing point, total protein, mineral salts and calorie content in the milk sample, as well as sample temperature.

Unlike traditional methods of chemical analysis, the ultrasonic analyzer allows you to:

  • receive data in real time – no more than 40-50 seconds for analysis
  • avoid the use of expensive consumables and chemicals
  • minimize the employment of laboratory assistants and maintenance personnel
  • minimize laboratory cost

Scope of use

Milk producers: peasant and farm enterprises, collective farms, breeding stations, breeding farms, tribal associations.
Milk processors: milk receiving points, processing plants.
Laboratories: veterinary and scientific

Analyzer of quality of milk “Laktan” isp. 600 ULTRAMAX comes with three graduations: whole cow’s milk, cream, reverse . Additional graduations are possible on an individual request : pasteurized milk, sterilized milk, cream, skim milk, reconstituted skimmed milk, reconstituted skimmed milk, canned milk, goat milk and other types of milk.


Ease of operation

The analyzer is simple and easy to use, does not require highly qualified personnel.

To carry out the analysis, it is necessary to fill the cup with a sample of milk, place the cup under the sample receptacle and press just one button to perform the measurement. At the end of the analysis, the measurement result will appear on the indicator of the device.

After finishing work, the analyzer should be washed with special detergents supplied with the analyzer.


In combination with a weight of no more than 1 kg, small overall dimensions of 170x160x140 mm (WxDxH) allow the analyzer to be delivered as a regular package, and reliable packaging ensures the complete safety of the analyzer during transportation.


Milk quality analyzer “Laktan” isp. 600 ULTRAMAX is registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation under No. 73987-19, certificate No. 72810 is valid until February 11, 2024.


Verification is carried out in the Rosstandart system. Milk quality analyzer “Laktan” isp. 600 ULTRAMAX is supplied by an attorney of FGU Novosibirsk TsSM. The calibration interval is 1 year. After the expiration of the verification period, you can contact the nearest CMS with the verification procedure or any service center of the manufacturer.
Verification procedure MP 42-241(243)-2018 “GSI. Analyzers of milk and dairy products. Verification procedure” – approved by FSUE “UNIIM” on September 12, 2018.

Measurement technique

The measurement technique was certified by the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of the Dairy Industry, certification certificate 2420/230-00 dated August 21, 2000, and included in the State. register VNIMI-01-2000.

Synchronization with PC

If desired, the analyzer can be connected to a computer via a USB port.

The analyzer comes with a disk with a backup copy of the analyzer settings and Russian-language software for Windows.

The program allows:

  • receive data from the analyzer online or from the analyzer’s memory
  • save measurement results to a computer
  • generate reports and print them
  • check the maintenance of the instrument and the frequency of washings performed (for the control of the laboratory assistant)
  • create your own graduations for non-standard dairy products (mixes and more)

Printout of results

Analyzer “Laktan” isp. 600 ULTRAMAX has the ability to connect to a portable printer “MPrint” G58 “ (ordered separately). Measurement results, date and time are printed online immediately after the measurement is completed on a thermal tape (without connecting to a computer).

Flushing system

In the analyzer “Laktan” isp. 600 ULTRAMAX implements an intelligent flushing system that prompts the operator for each next action, which eliminates possible operator errors. The analyzer also stores data on each washing, which allows you to control the quality of the analyzer maintenance by personnel.

Sample preparation

The recommended temperature of a milk sample for analysis is 20-25°C. At the same time, if the sample temperature is below 20°C, the analyzer will automatically prepare the sample and heat the sample, and then analyze it.

Service maintenance

Warranty: 1+1 (1 year warranty + 1 year free service).
If necessary, service centers will provide free warranty repair and post-warranty service. Repairs are carried out at a high technical level and in the shortest possible time.