InfraMilk infrared milk quality analyzer, PROFI version , is the latest development in the field of milk quality control, based on the infrared method of analysis, which provides the most accurate and objective results in the shortest time.

The analyzer allows you to measure without the use of chemical reagents the content of the mass fraction of fat, protein, SOMO, density, added water , lactose, mineral salts, total protein, calorie content and freezing point in a milk sample in just 15 seconds !

Milk producers: peasant and farm enterprises, collective farms, selection stations, breeding farms, tribal associations.
Milk processors: milk acceptance points, processing plants
Laboratories: veterinary and scientific.

Operating principle

The infrared analyzer operates in the near infrared region, registers the absorption of light transmitted through the sample at specially selected wavelengths, and then performs calculations using mathematical algorithms incorporated during the calibration of the analyzer.


Quick access to product composition data at any stage of the production cycle helps to reduce inspection costs, improve product quality and achieve cost savings.


The near infrared region (NIR) borders on visible light, this part of the spectrum is safe for both the operator and the analyzed object, which allows you to explore the object without destroying it.

At the same time, in practical terms, NIR analysis has a number of advantages over chemical methods of analysis:

  • real-time data acquisition (no more than 15 seconds for analysis);
  • accuracy of chemical arbitration methods of analysis without the use of consumables and chemical reagents;
  • ease of handling and maintenance for staff;
  • minimizing the cost of the laboratory.

Advantages of NIR analyzers compared to ultrasonic analyzers:

  • lower measurement error;
  • higher measuring speed – productivity up to 200 samples per hour.


Delivery set of the automated measuring complex:

  • IR – milk quality analyzer “InfraMilk” PROFI model;
  • conveyor for automatic feeding of the cassette for 10 samples;
  • laptop;
  • software.


Providing quick control of incoming raw materials by automating the process of preparation and supply of analyzed samples, the complex minimizes the time and material costs for analysis, the laboratory assistant’s employment in the analysis process is minimal.

InfraMilk infrared milk quality analyzer PROFI version is supplied with factory calibration for whole cow’s milk.


On an individual request, additional graduations are possible :
• pasteurized milk;
• sterilized milk;
• cream;
• return;
• reconstituted milk from dry;
• reconstituted skimmed milk;
• canned milk;
• goat milk.

Using the software supplied with the analyzer, each of our clients can independently create their own calibrations (it is necessary to have milk samples and data of chemical analysis carried out by arbitration methods).

Simplicity of work with the analyzer
1 operator chooses one of calibrations;
2 fills the beaker with the sample and places it under the sample probe or into the automatic sample conveyor;
3 press one button to start measuring;
4 after a few minutes receives the result on the computer screen.
Analyzer Maintenance

Infrared analyzer of milk quality “InfraMilk” isp. PROFI independently controls the purity of the measuring path and performs automatic flushing.

Connecting to a computer
InfraMilk infrared milk quality analyzer isp. PROFI is controlled by a personal computer. The analyzer comes with everything you need to connect: a personal computer, a USB cable and software for Windows.

The software allows
• receiving data from the analyzer online;
• save measurement results to the database;
• work with measurement data for any period of time;
• generate and print reports;
• create your own graduations.

Warranty and Service
Warranty: 1+1 (1 year warranty + 1 year free service).
Service is carried out in the shortest possible time and at a high professional level.