Microscope MicroOptix MX-1150 (T), stereoscopic, trinocular

– Professional ZOOM stereo microscope

– Trinocular tube for photo and video documentation

– New optical system for high resolution and depth of field

– Zoom range: 7-45x (225x optional)

– Wide-field eyepieces 10x/20mm

– Lighting system: transmitted light, incident light

– Dimmable halogen lighting: incident light

6 V, 15 W, transmitted light 6 V, 20 W

– Antifungal coated optics


Magnification: 7-45x (up to 225x)

Visual attachment: 360° rotatable trinocular with 45° tilt, compensation

diopter difference, interpupillary distance 55-75 mm

Eyepieces: wide-field WF 10x/20 mm

Tripod: metal, base 180×240 mm with rubber feet,

fire-resistant enamel

ZOOM tube: 0.7-4.5x, ZOOM ratio 1:6.5x

Base: transparent glass plate with holders

Working distance: 95mm

Light source

– incident light: halogen lamp, 15 W, 6 V

– transmitted light: halogen lamp, 20 W, 6 V

Power supply: tripod built-in power supply, 220 V, 6 V, 20 W, adjustable

Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz

Required fuses 250 V, 2 A

Working temperature 18-35 °С