Fluorescence microscope MX 300 (TF) with ICO Infinitive optics

It is an ideal luminescent microscope in terms of price-quality ratio .

Austrian microscope quality at a price slightly higher than Chinese microscopes.

Main advantages:

– Fluorescent (luminescent) binocular microscope

with ICO Infinitive optics (to “infinity”)

– Ergonomic modern design

– Reverse revolver for 5 lenses

– Fluorescent block

– Fluorescent lighting system 100W

– Antifungal coated optics

– Ideal microscope for fluorescence microscopy


Increase from 40x to 1000x (optional up to 2000x)
visual attachment Trinocular initive 360° rotatable with 30° tilt, diopter difference compensation (±5 diopters), interpupillary distance 55-75 mm
Eyepieces wide-field WF 10x/18 mm
Tripod metal, painted with refractory enamel, base 300×300 mm with rubber feet


Lens revolver reverse revolver, 5 positions for lenses
Lens set achromatic half plan ICO Infinitive lenses:




40x/0.65 spring loaded,

100x/1.25 spring loaded (oil immersed)

Subject table rectangular flat with glass coating, two-coordinate, 135×140 mm,

mechanical graduated, handle of the preparation driver on the right

Abbe condenser height-adjustable with iris diaphragm, nA 1.25, with filter holder
Focusing – coaxial screws for coarse and fine focusing

Built-in focus lock mechanism for product protection and quick setup

when it changes

– smoothness adjustment mechanism

Collector Köhler illumination system with lens, field iris diaphragm and mechanism


Light source LED, 12 W, DC 3 V
Power supply built-in power supply unit, 220 V, 6 V, 20 W, adjustable
Temperature, humidity 18-35 °С, less than 85%
Dimensions, weight 30x30x39 cm, 7 kg
Fluorescent block — for various methods of Fluorescence analysis in microscopy

— excitation light spectrum 350-550 nm

– Fluorescence spectrum 420-650 nm

— filter system in the main unit: 2 excitation filters, dichroic mirror, 2

cut-off filters

– filter units: B (blue), G (green), O (transmitted light)

– excitation filters (EX): (B) EX490, (G) EX545

– bidirectional dichroic mirror: DM510, DM580

– cut-off filters (VA): VA530, VA590

– protective screen

– mercury lamp HBO 100 W

– mains supply 220V 50Hz