LCD microscope Biolab V-3

The Biolab V-3 digital LCD microscope is a high-tech microscope with an integrated LCD display, a professional high-resolution camera and a large memory card. Investigated objects are observed on a 9-inch display for easy and comfortable work. Images on the display as well as movies can be saved to a memory card.

Benefits for the user:

– High quality of received images, camera resolution 12 MPks;
– Existence of the LCD display instead of traditional eyepieces facilitates work of the operator;
– Ability to save photos and video files to SD memory card;
– The ability to connect the microscope to an external display or projector with an HDMI connector will allow you to demonstrate preparations in the audience;
– The presence of a built-in scale will allow you to easily and accurately measure linear dimensions;

Distinctive features:

– Large 9″ LCD monitor;
– Professional high-resolution 12Mpx camera;
– LED system for transmitted light examination and side illuminator;
– 4 standard lenses with magnification: 4x; 10x; 40; 100x;
– 2 low magnification lenses with extended working lengths : 1x and 2x;
– SD memory card included .


Display type 9” HD
Display resolution 1280×800
Video camera resolution 12 MP
Maximum resolution of saved video files 1920×1080 at 30fps
Interfaces HDMI/USB/MicroSD
Data storage format Photo: .jpeg
Video: .MP4
Pointers crosshair; crosshair with scale, arrow
Lens Correction Type Achromat
Lens magnification 1x/0.03; 2x/0.05; 4x/0.1; 10x/0.25; 40x/0.65; 100x/1.25MI
Revolving device For 4 lenses
digital zoom 8x
The total magnification of the microscope, taking into account digital magnification (defined as the ratio of the size of the image of the object on the display to the actual size of the object) 20x-2380x
Focus mechanism coarse/fine
Stage size 130x130mm
Range of movement of the drug 50x80mm
Abbe condenser NA1.25
transmitted light source LED 5W
Reflected light source LED 5W
dimensions 250x290x470mm