Semi-automatic device for counting the number of colonies of microorganisms on Petri dishes.
For fast and efficient counting, the colony counter uses an automatic contact rod. When touching a colony of microorganisms with a contact rod, an electronic counter is automatically triggered. In addition, an audible signal is used to indicate the moment the colony counter is triggered, which is turned off if necessary.

Optimal Contrast

The choice of backlight color and brightness of the light field makes the work with the colony counter easy and comfortable.
Color Illumination: 65 variants obtained by combining the primary colors red/green/blue.
Brightness: Adjustable brightness of the colony counter light field (65 levels).

Automatic colony count

Colony counting is carried out using a pressure-sensitive counting plate.
The sensitivity of the counting plate is adjustable.
Any regular felt-tip pen can be used with the ColonyStar colony counter.

Counting plate, Ø 145 mm

The use of powerful LEDs guarantees even, glare-free illumination of the counting plate.
The counting plate of the colony counter is illuminated from below and from the side.
Petri dishes are not heated.

Specifications of the Funke-Gerber ColonyStar Colony Counter:


Indicator liquid crystal display, 5 characters (0…99’999)
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz, 39 W
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm 250 x 230 x 75
Weight, kg 1,7


Order data

1 ColonyStar colony counter without accessories
2 ColonyStar Colony Counter with Accessory Kit (8501, 8503, 8504, 8505)
3 Accessories:
4 Magnifying glass on a stand (2x magnification)
5 Automatic contact rod, set
6 Fiber rod (Spare tip for contact rod 8503)
7 Clear glass with tinted field