Microorganism colony counter SKM-1 is designed for counting microorganism colonies in crystallization dishes (Petri dishes), by drawing dots on the bottom of the dish with an electric pen at the locations of the colonies, fixing the fact of touching with the counter and indicating the result on a digital display.

The SCM counter provides: 1) increase in readings by one when drawing a dot on the bottom of the cup with an electric pen or when pressing the TEST key; 2) zeroing of indications when pressing the RESET key; 3) formation of a sound signal when a dot is applied to the bottom of the cup with an electric pen or when the TEST and RESET keys are pressed. 4) illumination from below the Petri dish; 5) adjustment of the position of the magnifying glass in height and along the working surface. The SKM counter kit includes a 2x magnifying glass fixed on a tripod. Specifications:

Maximum invoice amount 999
Supply voltage, V 220 +/- 22
Power, W, no more 5,0
Dimensions of the working chamber, mm 300*249*255
Weight, kg, no more 5,0