The VL-120M microbalance is standardly equipped with a fully automatic internal calibration system (when the ambient temperature changes or at specified time intervals), a built-in RS-232C port for connecting a printer or a PC, and a bottom hook that allows weighing magnetic samples or determining the density of a sample using a hydrostatic method.
Semi-microbalances of the VL-M series are produced in accordance with the requirements of GOST OIML R 76-1-2011 and are designed for particularly accurate measurement of the mass of solid objects, as well as bulk and liquid substances. The scales are designed for use in scientific laboratories and institutions related to any industry, national economy, as well as medical and educational centers, in the field of state regulation of ensuring the uniformity of measurements.

Advantages in the field of operation:

• High speed of weighing, convenience in work and reliability of operation;
• Built-in overload control system with the ability to display an analog scale for loading scales;
• The case of scales is made of an aluminum alloy that increases mechanical wear resistance and electromagnetic security of the device;
• Automatic adjustment with a built-in weight when the ambient temperature changes or at specified intervals (or at the request of the operator);
• Ability to set the adjustment timer (up to three times during the day);
• Built-in clock and calendar – GLP/GMP/ISO compliance: adjustment report, balance ID setting, date display setting;
• Possibility to connect a printer (option) or PC for logging weighing results via built-in interface RS-232C and USB (option);
• Comfortable communication of scales with a PC according to the WindowsDirect principle (no additional software installation is required);
• Possibility of weighing under the scales with the help of a pallet hook available as standard;
• Ability to measure the density of materials (hydrostatic weighing) – option;
• Sample of tare weight in the entire weighing range;
• Possibility of independent work from the external portable accumulator (option).

Scales are equipped with application programs:

• Program for switching units of measurement depending on the area and country of application;
• Recipe weighing program that allows weighing a multi-component mixture;
• Program for counting the number of homogeneous parts;
• Weighing program in percent, which allows weighing as a percentage of the value of the previously weighed mass, taken as 100%;
• Program for determining the specific gravity of solids;
• Program for determining the density of liquid substances;
• Program of automatic adaptation of scales to external conditions.

Additional options:

• External portable rechargeable battery for battery life (battery time – up to 4-8 hours);
• Printer EP-100/EP-110 for printing measurement results;
• Set for measuring the density of materials SMK-401;
• USB interface for communication with external devices;
• External keyboard PVK-1;
• Remote control with the possibility of indication and control of scales VP-1;
• Ionizer for removing static electricity from STABLO AP samples.


Name VL-120M
Maximum weighing limit, g 42/120
Discreteness, g 0.00001/0.0001
Calibration self-calibration
Scale bowl diameter, mm 80
The smallest limit of weighing, g 0.001
Verification division price, mg one
Limits of permissible error in the intervals of weighing during verification, mg from 0.001g to 50g incl. ±0.5;
St. 50g to 120g incl. ±1.0
Accuracy class according to GOST OIML R 76-1-2011 I special
Time to set indications, s, no more – fast mode – 8/3;
– standard mode – 10/6
Overall dimensions of scales (LxWxH), mm 356x220x338
Mass of scales, kg, no more 7.6
Adjustment weight built-in
Guarantee 5 years
Price with VAT, rub 164900