Laboratory scales VLTE-6100T

Accuracy class according to GOST OIML R 76-1-2011: II high.
Scales VLTE-4100T and VLTE-8100T are produced according to TU VTNL.4043314.001

Purpose and scope of scales of the VLTE-T series
Laboratory technical scales of the VLTE-T series are designed for static measurements of the mass of solid, liquid and bulk substances, objects and materials in scientific and industrial laboratories in various fields of industry, agriculture and services.

Laboratory technical scales of the VLTE-T series are a modification of the precision laboratory scales VLTE. They retain all the advantages of accurate laboratory scales, but have a lower readout resolution. A feature of the scales of this series is the standard automatic calibration system in models with max 150g, 210g, 310g and 510g. This feature is rarely found on technical lab balances, which are much cheaper than precision balances. With its help, the balance automatically adapts to changing external conditions. This feature improves measurement accuracy and simplifies the user experience.

Scales of the VLTE-T series meet the most stringent metrological requirements and can be used in the field of state regulation to ensure the uniformity of measurements.


Model VLTE-6100T
LEL, g 6100
NmPV, g fifty
Division price, g one
Platform size, mm 175×145
Accuracy class high II
Calibration weight 5kg F2
Indicator liquid crystal with backlight
Food AC/DC power adapter
PC interface USB
Overall dimensions, mm 260×190×70
Weight, kg 1.75
Operating temperature range +15°С … +30°С
Sample tare over the entire weighing range