Microbalance OHAUS EX225D

The perfect professional instrument
When laboratory measurements or research require precision in thousandths of a percent, there is simply no room for error. The technologies used in the creation of the semi-microbalances of the Explorer series guarantee high accuracy of weighing results. The most advanced labs that demand the highest precision and need the latest technology to get the measurement results they need can find both in the Explorer series.

The Explorer semi-microbalance range includes models with LEL from 52 to 220 g and resolutions from 0.01 to 0.1 mg.

Modern intuitive user interface

The touchscreen with iconic controls provides tactile feedback and works like a smartphone or tablet screen.

Saving data to USB

The presence of a USB port allows you to save data directly to a flash drive.

The scale memory allows you to save up to 99 data sets and up to 10 recipes in recipe weighing mode.

Multiplayer system

The user management system allows you to create profiles for one administrator and five users who can work on the same balance without fear of losing the measurements stored in memory.

Other high-tech features include:

Indicator of control of the minimum allowable mass of the sample;
Real time clock for GLP/GMP data logging;
Sound alarm for weight stabilization;
Printing reports on the results of measurements in the calibration modes of pipettes and statistical quality control;
User interface

Color touch screen
Step-by-step Russian instructions for the operator
Four non-contact programmable IR sensors that allow the operator to perform frequently used commands and operations with one hand movement without touching the scales;
Modular design that allows you to separate the terminal from the weighing platform in order to conveniently place them on the desktop;
Automatic guard doors

The automated drive on some balance models allows the operator to open the protective cover doors with a wave of one hand while holding the weighed sample in the other.

Built-in ionizer

The built-in ionizer on Explorer balance models with automated shield doors creates a continuous bipolar stream of ions generated by corona discharge on the positive and negative electrodes and directs ionized air to the object, neutralizing the charge of static electricity accumulated on it. Static charges that build up in the weighing chamber can lead to
measurement errors on the order of a few milligrams.


  • simple weighing;
  • piece count;
  • percentage weighing;
  • control weighing;
  • dynamic weighing;
  • weighing animals;
  • filling control;
  • summing up the results;
  • creation of recipes;
  • differential weighing;
  • determination of density by hydrostatic weighing;
  • fixing the maximum weight;
  • pipette calibration;
  • calculation of the cost of ingredients;
  • SQC;


Model EX225D
NPV, Mr 120/220
Discreteness, g 0,00001/0,0001
Reproducibility (RMS) at LVC, g ± 0,00002/0,0001
Nonlinearity, g ± 0,0001
Average stabilization time, s ≤ 7
Weight cup size, mm Ø 80 mm
Internal calibration Yes (multiple modes)
Accuracy class according to GOST 53228-2008 I
Built-in ionizer