pH electrodes with high measurement accuracy for the biotech and food industries

The 465-50 is a classic refillable liquid electrolyte pH electrode with long life for high precision measurements in biotechnological processes.

Features and Benefits

Accurate and Reliable
• The Friscolyte-B reference system liquid electrolyte is suitable for measurements in any biotechnological process because it effectively prevents diaphragm protein contamination.

Long Life
• A patented silver ion trap prevents silver sulfide from depositing on the diaphragm in sulfide containing media for additional electrode protection and extended electrode life.

High pressure resistance
• This wet electrolyte electrode is specially designed for installation in housings with overpressure up to 6 bar.


Short description serviceable pH electrode
pH range 0…12
Temperature Range 0…130 °C
Pressure (bar) up to 6 bar
diaphragm type ceramic
Number of apertures 2
Comparison system Argenthal
Silver ion barrier Yes
Sterilization Yes
Autoclaving No
temperature sensor Pt100/Pt1000