Redox electrode with liquid electrolyte for use in chemical processes

Pt4865 is a 465-50 redox modification, i.e. refillable electrode with liquid electrolyte, designed for in-line measurement of redox potential (ORP) in chemical processes.

Features and Benefits

Reliable and Accurate Measurements
• The Viscolyt Reference System’s liquid electrolyte and increased porosity ceramic diaphragm are specifically selected to provide optimum performance in high contaminant solutions in a wide variety of chemical processes.

Extended Life
• With the ability to top up electrolyte, this electrode has an extended life.

High pressure resistance
• This wet electrolyte electrode is specially designed for installation in housings with overpressure up to 6 bar.

Specifications – Pt4865-50-SC-T-S7

Short description fillable ORP electrode
pH range mV
Temperature Range 0…130 °C
Pressure (bar) from 6 bar
diaphragm type ceramic
Number of apertures 3
Comparison system Argenthal
Silver ion barrier Yes
Sterilization Yes
Autoclaving No
Number 59904275