The ЧЭП2320 switch for the ТРОМ-1* milliohmmeter allows you to speed up the process of measuring the resistance of the windings of high-power transformers due to the fact that the test leads are connected to all three phases of the transformer in one step on the transformer.
Subsequent measurements are carried out with a ТРОМ-1 milliohmmeter in turn in three phases in a two-channel mode. Switching of the measured phase is carried out using the ЧЭП2320 switch “from the ground”, without climbing to the transformer.

Supports the following groups of winding connections: “star with zero – star” and “star with zero – triangle, group 11”.

On request, you can assemble a switch for any group of winding connections.

* Separately, it is not a meter, it works only as a complete set with milliohmmeter ТРОМ-1.