Heating of liquids in 2.0 l round-bottom flasks in the temperature range from room temperature to 400°C.

– Two-zone heating element. Possibility of turning off the upper heating zone.
– The heating element is woven from safe non-toxic fiberglass (Fiberglass) with woven nichrome wire, which eliminates its residual deformation and provides a snug fit to the walls of the vessel to minimize heat loss and increase the energy efficiency of the device.
– Informative liquid crystal display.
– Electronic temperature controller (PID).
– Automatic and manual setting of heating intensity.
– Timer function with visual and audible signaling of the end of heating.
– Control lock to protect against accidental change of operating mode.
– Ability to connect a remote temperature sensor (optional).
– Identification and indication of possible malfunctions and malfunctions.
– The metal case of the device is painted with KARUMEL powder paint, which has adhesion resistance, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance.


Technical characteristics:
– Case: steel, covered with powder paint, especially resistant to chemical attack;
– Heating element: woven glass fiber with nichrome wire;
– Maximum heater temperature: 450°C;
– Flask volume: 2000 ml;
– Weight: 6.3 kg;
– Overall dimensions (LxWxH) – 266x266x220 mm;
– Voltage: 220-230V, 50/60 Hz;
– Power: 470W.


1. The maximum heating temperature is reached when both heating zones are turned on.
2. Due to the presence of heat losses, the temperature of the liquid in the vessel can almost never reach the maximum temperature of the heating element, so the set temperature is limited to 400°C